Meet the Gunnink's Harley-Davidson® Staff

  • Our Creators, Top Dog Dealer Operators
  • Jim and Suzanne Gunnink Jim & Suzanne Gunnink Owner / Dealer Principal / Accounting Manager
  • Fantastic Sales Department
  • Emily Gunnink Emily Gunnink General Manager Phone: 707-462-1672 ext. 5
    Emily Gunnink (daughter of Jim Gunnink) is the General Manager that truly generally manages just about all the happenings of the dealership. She grew up riding on the back of her dads Harley, worked in a dealership through college, ran her independent motorcycle shop for years with her husband Leif, and now is the Super Hotrod General Manager at Gunnink’s Harley-Davidson. She truly feels she loves what she does, otherwise, it’s not worth doing. She rides her bike to work every day, racking up about 65 miles a day…just enjoying life. 
    Daniel J Daniel J. Sales Manager Phone: 707-462-1672 ext. 2
    Dan Dan the Harley-Man is Gunnink’s Sales Manager. He is usually the first person you see when you walk in the door. Dan has been selling, riding, and enthused with Harley-Davidson since 1971. He is a guru on all the technical and detailed information on the bikes. If you want to ride out on a motorcycle Dan is your man.
  • Awesome Service Department
  • Leif Magnusen Leif Magnusen Service Manager Phone: 707-462-1672 ext. 3
    Leif has loved motorcycles all his life, he started riding when he was barely walking.  Leif first started with Harley-Davidson back in 2000 and has never looked back. He joined with his wife, Emily Gunnink in 2005 and they found that together they could do anything. Leif is extremely handy and can fix anything.  He is the reason we are here today. Leif leads our service team in great service and teamwork.
    Nathan S. Nathan S. Lead Technician Phone: 707-462-1672 ext. 3
    Nathan is our lead technician and a great guy. Not only is he part of our family, but he loves Harley-Davidson too. When Leif started at Harley-Davidson, Nathan was his trainer and mentor. Nathan is a many of many talents, in the past, he has worked with diesel trucks and on tug boats in Alaska. But his heart belongs to Harley and the Gunnink's. 
    Adam L. Adam L. Service Technician Phone: 707-462-1672 ext. 3
    Adam has a flexible spirit, he has lived in a different place every two years of his life. Adam's first ride was on a dirt bike with his dad when he was five. They went out trapping coyotes. At age ten he learned how to work on bikes with the guidance of his dad. Adam loves to hunt, fish and of course, ride. 
  • Totally Cool Parts & MotorClothes® Team
  • Rich Venturi Rich Venturi Parts Manager Phone: 707-462-1672 ext. 2
    I was orphaned at an early age. I spent many years in an orphanage in San Francisco until I was 13 years old when I was adopted by a biker, Trevor "Raptor" Venturi and his ol' lady, Adriana. They taught me the way of the biker lifestyle and I have lived it ever since. I learned how to work on bikes and that respect is earned not given. Harley-Davidson motorcycles and products have been my life for many years. In 2011, I met my lifelong traveling partner Kim and in 2015, she and I were married. We travel many miles every year on our Harleys. Kim rides a 2014 Street Bob and I ride a 2015 Road Glide. We love the touring experience we get while on our road trips. We have traveled over the majority of the Western United States and Canada. In 2015 we travelled to Sturgis for our honeymoon, spending a full three weeks on the road. Life doesn't get any better. I am proud to be the Parts Manager here at Gunnink's Harley-Davidson. 
    Katharine Gunnink Katharine Gunnink General Merchandise Phone: 707-462-1672 ext. 2
    Katie is the oldest Gunnink daughter. She has been traveling the world as an Opera Singer. We are lucky to have her settle in a bit and work her magic on the General Merchandise department before she hops on her Harley to get to her next gig. 
    Kevin B. Kevin B. Parts Associate Phone: 707-462-1672 ext. 2
    Kevin likes motorcycles. Vroom. Vroom. He's always been interested in motorcycles since he was young and now owns a Heritage Springer. Living the dream.
    Bert M. Bert M. Shipping Master Phone: 707-462-1672 ext. 2
    Bert used to ride motorcycles in the sand dunes and then moved onto the beach.
    Allen O. Allen O. Parts Associate Phone: 707-462-1672 ext. 2
    Allen's first recollection of riding motorcycles goes back to when he was about five years old, riding on the gas tank of his uncle Larry's Sportster... He thought he was hot stuff riding with him. He purchased his first Harley-Davidson, 1997 Sportster, in 2002 and now riding his third Harley, a 2012 Road Glide Ultra. It took him 59 years to get a job at a Harley-Davidson dealership, of course, the best dealership at that.
  • MotorClothes®
  • Rebekah Zdunich Rebekah Zdunich Marketing Manager Phone: 707-462-1672